House Sessions

By Brenda Stubbert

  1. Willie Kennedy’s
    Miss MacKenzie Of Ness House
    Smith’s Delight
    Homeward Bound
  2. Basker’s Delight
    The Leg Of A Duck
    The Idle Road (The Winding Road)
  3. The Fairies’
    The Wicklow
    Saratoga Lancers
    The Flax In Bloom
  4. Danny Fraser’s
    Sandy MacIntyre’s
    The Rover’s Return
  5. Moxam Castle
    Stormont Lads
    The Duke Of Gordon’s
    The Maid Of The House
    Poppy Leaf
    St. Kilda’s Wedding
    Trip To Windsor
  6. The MacNamara’s
  7. Ark An Dor House
    John R. Fraser
    Fiddling After One Hundred
    Tramper’ Down
    The Flail
    Joan Beaton’s
  8. Darrell Wadden’s
    Miss Mina’s
    Ethel Fraser’s
    Eric McEwan’s
    Wissahickon Drive
  9. Tracy Dares’
    Neil Gerroir’s
    The Fraser Boys
  10. Gordie And Sandy’s
    Paul Mac’s
    Gearóid’s Concertina
    Jean’s Fancy Steps
    Phil Cunningham’s
  11. I Lost My Love
    I Won’t Do The Work
    Bill Lamey’s
  12. Wilfred Burke’s
    John Joe’s
  13. Captain Campbell
    Calum Breugach
    The Miller Of Drone
    King George IV
    The Old King’s
    Timour The Tartar
    The Picnic