First Run

By Moonshine

  1. Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow
  2. Indian Ate The Woodchuck
  3. Johnson
  4. Ain’t Gone Yet
  5. The Blues Don’t Mean A Thing
  6. Worried Man Blues
  7. Cotton-eyed Joe
  8. Moonshiner
  9. Waiting For Kieran
  10. Winder
  11. Police Come
  12. I’ve Always Been A Gambler
  13. Lost Train Blues
  14. Chilly Winds
  15. Jenny On The Railroad
  16. When The Snow Falls On My Foggy Mountain Home

Two comments

First Run by Moonshine

You can check out the tracks here:

Yes, they have a MySpace:

Last year I saw them perform at the Ulster American Folk Park, Co Tyrone in a wonderful 3 piece Old Time Music outfit & I’m pleased to report that they have launched a CD entitled Moonshine - First Run.
It is wonderful music & well worth checking out.
Here’s the line up:
Johnny Moynihan, singer, songster, instrumental innovator, itinerant minstrel, hardly needs introduction as he has made a towering reputation in Irish traditional and folk music circles, further enhanced by occasions and stories of his lingual wit. In this combo, Johnny indulges his fondness for American traditional music while adding his own stamp, and—though not the first to do so—another instrument to another tradition, in this case, the box to old-timey music.
Frank Hall began to learn the art of the bow, playing for square dances in southern Indiana in the early 1970s. He journeyed with various old-time bands (The Monks, Easy Street Stringband, Indiana Raincrows) and dance troupes (Rhythm In Shoes, Shuffle Creek Dancers), occasionally dabbling in traditional Irish and Mexican fiddle styles. He has been coming regularly to Ireland since 1991, when he first met and played with Johnny and Lena. In addition to fiddle he plays stand-up bass, a little guitar, and writes the odd tune.
Lena Ullman’s playing and singing has been widely appreciated around the country since the founding of the Higglers Jug Band in the 1980s. Introduced to the 5-string banjo and American music at age 15, she has since become a masterful player of old-timey tunes and ‘high lonesome’ songs. As an innovator Lena has adapted the quintessentially American ‘clawhammer and frailing’ on banjo to various styles including traditional Irish dance music, and can often be found in sessions around East Clare. She has also written a number of gorgeous tunes.

What a really lovely album! I’m so happy to have it. I’d love to hear more