By Tommie Cunniffe

  1. Anyone Should Go To Boston
    Howyee Martins
    Return To Minnesota
  2. Unbuttoned
    Owen Davy’s
  3. The Rockwood
    Chief’s Jig No. 2
    Chief’s Jig No. 3
  4. Dalaigh’s
    Cutting Bracken
    Jack O’Connor’s
  5. Life’s Love Lost
  6. The Plains Of Boyle
    Caislean An Oir
  7. Sync
  8. The Land Of Sunshine
    Larry Redican’s
    The Torrid Romance
  9. Fierce Chancy
    Awful Chancy
  10. Westbury
    Making Tracks
  11. Mon Hanri
    The Sleeping Barman
  12. Pat Murphy’s Meadow
    The Heather Breeze
    Phyllis’s Birthday
  13. Chief’s Jig No. 1
    Road To The
  14. One To One

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County Roscommon native Tommie Cunniffe is a button accordion player and avid composer of Irish traditional music. While growing up between the towns of Ballinasloe and Athlone on the Roscommon/Galway border, Tommie started his playing with an Athlone based music ensemble, which toured Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium and Holland. From a young age, Tommie became interested in the music of East Galway, playing regularly with local musicians from that area, many of whom played with or were connected to the music of the famous Aughrim Slopes Ceili band.

Tommie was one of the founding members of the traditional Irish music group Taltarella who also performed across Ireland and Europe. In 1998, Talterella released the EP Six Reels of Joy, consisting entirely of music composed by Tommie. Tommie’s own tunes are inventive and they reflect his singular style of accordion playing.

Tommie moved to Cork City in 2000, and has spent much time playing the session scene there with various Cork based musicians such as Johnny Neville, Gerry McKee, Terry McKee and Karl Nesbitt. It was in Cork that Tommie met guitarist Brian Miller from Minnesota in the US and percussionist Brian Morrisey from Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, both of whom accompany him on his debut solo album. This brand new CD, Unbuttoned, features many of Tommie’s own compositions along with a number of traditional tunes.
great cd

Will anyone fill out the individual tunes/sets?

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“Tommie Cunniffe: Unbuttoned” ~ the musicians involved & a website

Tommie Cunniffe - Accordion
Brian Miller - Guitar
Donncha Moynihan - Guitar
Brian Morrisey - Percussion


#13 second tune is Road To The Reel, but the editor filters out any words that are tune types. Just like #14 is named One To One Waltz, but the word waltz is edited out.

Absolutely stunning album!

Re: UnButtoned

Does Tommie play B/C or C#/D accordion?

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