Arnish Light

By The Tannahill Weavers

  1. The Arnish Light
    Twisted Fingers
    Fear A’ Choire
    The Lintie
  2. Cam Ye By Atholl
  3. Romy Therese
    Tune For Mary
  4. The Ewie Wi’ The Crookit Horn
  5. The Bell Rock
    The Fittie Boatman
    Bessie Brown
  6. Lassie Wi’ The Lintwhite Locks
  7. Ower The Hills And Faur Awa’
  8. Luskentyre Sands
  9. The Rose Amang The Thorn
  10. Cluny’s
    Doctor Of Coll’s
    Lord James Murray’s
    Ghlass Ault
    Glen Where The Deer Is
  11. Up In The Morning’s No’ For Me
  12. Fair Gallowa’