Paddy In The Smoke

By Various Artists

  1. Maudabawn Chapel
    The Glen Of Aherlow
  2. Paddy Fahey’s
  3. Eileen Curran
    The Bunch Of Keys
  4. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  5. Lucy Campbell
    Toss The Feathers
  6. The Ragged Hank Of Yarn
  7. The Bank Of Ireland
    The Woman Of The House
    The Morning Dew
  8. The Jolly Tinker
  9. Denis Murphy’s
  10. The Yellow Tinker
    The Humours Of Scarriff
  11. The Chorus
  12. Callaghan’s
  13. Kitty’s Rambles
    Dan The Cobbler
  14. Jenny Picking Cockles
    Kitty In The Lane
  15. Condon’s Frolics
    James McMahon’s Favourite
  16. The Graf Spee
    Ballinasloe Fair
  17. The Moher
  18. Farewell To Ireland
    The High
  19. Doctor O’Neill
    The Battering Ram
  20. Mulvihill’s
    Tie the Bonnet
    The Abbey

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Paddy in the smoke

This is one of my absolute favorite ITM recordings. It
contains recordings made in the 1960s at a famous pub in
London, “The Favourite”. You can hear the customers
yelling for a pint, etc. which gives a very authentic feel
to the music :^). This is not like the sessions as we
talk about them, with everyone playing together,
instead musicians who came in were invited up to play -
sometimes solo, sometimes groups of people who didn’t
ordinarily play together. The liner notes were written by
Reg Hall, the piano player on all the tracks, and are a
fascinating read. The musicians are:

Martin Brynes (fiddle)
Danny Meehan (fiddle)
Bobby Casey (fiddle)
John McLaughlin (spoons)
Tony McMahon (accordeon)
Andy Boyle (fiddle)
Jimmy Power (fiddle)
Jimmy Dunleavy (fiddle)
Sean O’Shea (fiddle)
Con Curtin (fiddle)
Denis McMahon (fiddle)
Julia Clifford (fiddle)
Tommy Maguire (accordeon)
Father O’Keeffe (mandolin)
Lucy Farr (fiddle)
Edmon Murphy (fiddle)
Reg Hall (piano)

The first three tracks on the album are all Martin Byrnes.
He is fabulous, I love his style. His version of Paddy Fahey’s
Jig is awe inspiring, and Maudabawn Chapel, well, as far
as I’m concerned it doesn’t get any better than that. Bobby
Casey plays on a bunch of the tunes and he is fantastic
as well, as are Lucy Farr and Jimmy Power. John McLaughlin
plays a mean set of spoons, and Tony McMahon is fantastic
on the accordeon, of course. I’m running out of superlatives
here, but really, there isn’t a bad track on the whole album.
In this album you get a bunch of legendary musicians,
playing for fun and having a great time. You can tell
they are all relaxed and just playing the music as they
feel it. My only wish is that they would release all of
the recordings made at the pub, and not just this small
subset! Actually, I have another wish, and that would be
to be transported back in time to spend a Sunday
afternoon at the Favorite.

Am i losing it?

i agree with all of the above.

the only thing is: i know i posted this recording a few months ago but there seems to be no trace of it now.

my only other comment concerns reg’s piano playing but as i said before,if it were n’t for him we would not have this great album!
every home should have one!

Gone up in smoke, perhaps?

yeah, it was surprising this wasn’t already posted, being that
lots of people have mentioned it and it is such a great album.
I have no idea where it went, you might ask Jeremy if he
has any thoughts. Hope it isn’t real glitch.

All’s well that ends well…

as it’s here now,that’s ok but if it happens again,i will.
great album,tho……

Paddy in the Smoke

Lonefiddler, your description of Paddy in the Smoke brought back so many memories to me!
I went and dug out the album and put it on straight away.
It was around that time that I became seriously interested in ITM. Jimmy Power was MC at the Sunday lunch time sessions and he kept everybody in line and saw to it that all those who wanted to (and some who didn

Mystery tracks?

Tracks 15 and 20 listed here aren’t on the LP - where did they come from?

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Almost all are notated!

Wow, a recording that has all but one song notated! Now all that’s left to notate is “Dan The Cobbler”. I’d do it, but I haven’t heard it before.

Tracks on this LP

Kenny’s question was never answered here but I had the same query which was kindly answered by “Slightly Mad Scientist” and “Random Humour”. These are their answers:
[SMS] The original LP (at least I think it’s original, there’s no date but I bought it in about 1971) has a picture of some men in a building site below a red stripe with the title in black.

There are 15 or 17 tracks depending on how you count them, viz:

Side 1

1a Hall’s Favourite and Lafferty’s Reel
1b Paddy Fahey’s Jig
2 Eileen Curran and The Bunch of Keys
3 Paddy Ryan’s Dream
4 Lucy Campbell and Toss the Feathers
5a The Ragged Hank of Yarn
5b The Bank of Ireland, The Woman of the House and The Morning Dew
6 Dennis Murphy’s Hornpipe
7 The Yellow Tinker and The Humours of Scarrif

Side 2

1 The Chorus Reel
2 Callaghan’s Reel
3 Kitty’s Rambles and Dan the Cobbler
4 Jenny Picking Cockles and Kitty in the Lane
5 The Graf Spee and Ballinasloe Fair
6The Moher Reel
7 Farewell to Erin and Duffy the Dancer
8 Doctor O’Neill and The Battering Ram

[RH] Here’s a comparison thanks to Slightly Mad Scientist’s post;

Paddy in Smoke CD
1. Maudabawn Chapel (aka Hall’s Favourite)/Lafferty’s
8. Jolly Tinker15. Condon’s Frolics/James McMahon’s Favourite
18. Farewell To Erin/The High (aka Duffy the Dancer)
20. Mulvihill’s/Tie The Bonnet/The Abbey

Paddy in Smoke LP
Side 1 (1a) Hall’s Favourite (aka Maudabawn Chapel) and Lafferty’s Reel
Side 2 (7) Farewell to Erin and Duffy the Dancer (aka The High)

Posterity will thank them for this.

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Paddy in the Smoke ~ Musicians on LP

12T176 Paddy in the Smoke. Irish Dance Music from a London Pub. Various Artists (1968):
Side One
1a. Reels: Hall’s Favourite & Lafferty’s Reel; 1b. Jig: Paddy Fahey’s Jig (Martin Byrnes - fiddle)
2. Reels: Eileen Curran & the Bunch of Keys (Martin Byrnes - fiddle)
3. Reel: Paddy Ryan’s Dream (Danny Meehan - fiddle)
4. Reels: Lucy Campbell & Toss the Feathers (Tony McMahon - accordion, Martin Byrnes - fiddles)
5a. Reel: The Ragged Hank of Yarn; 5b. Reels: The Bank of Ireland, The Woman of the House & Morning Dew (Bobby Casey - fiddle, John McLaughlin - spoons)
6. Hornpipe: Denis Murphy’s Hornpipe (Sean O’Shea - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle)
7. Reels: The Yellow Tinker & The Humours of Scarriff (Sean O’Shea - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle).
Side Two.
1. Reel: The Chorus Reel (Con Curtin - fiddle, Denis McMahon - fiddle, Julia Clifford - fiddle)
2. Reel: Callaghan’s Reel (Con Curtin - fiddle, Denis McMahon - fiddle)
3. Jigs: Kitty’s Rambles & Dan the Cobbler (Jimmy Power - fiddle)
4. Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles & Kitty in the Lane (Jimmy Power - fiddle)
5. Reels: The Graf Spee & Ballinasloe Fair (Lucy Farr - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle)
6. Reel: The Moher Reel (Lucy Farr - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle)
7. Reels: Farewell to Erin & Duffy the Dancer (Jimmy Power - fiddle, Lucy Farr - fiddle)
8. Jigs: Doctor O’Neill & The Battering Ram (Jimmy Power - fiddle, Lucy Farr - fiddle, Andy O’Boyle - fiddle)

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When is a jig a reel?

I see that Paddy Fahey’s jig is listed as a reel. How strange. I listened to the “Paddy In The Smoke” album, and it seems like a jig to my ears.

May I suggest revisiting the notation on this one?

Ahah. The Jig.

The link on the “Paddy in the Smoke” details page takes us to the reel, rather than the jig.

Thanks to Kenny for the correct link to the jig. Great tune. Even if it IS in F. haha.


Nobody seems to have noticed that Track 12 - “Callaghan’s”, is actually 2 reels, not just one, although it’s possible both are named “Callaghan’s”. I know the second one as “The Hare’s Paw”

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Now available…..

… through “iTunes”.

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Track 1 - what does the barman shout ?

What does the barman shout 20 seconds into track one. To my ear it sounds like “Jedward…… John and Edward” but that couldn’t be right could it?

Absolutely love track 13 Kitty’s Rambles-Dan the Cobbler, the ornaments are sublime

without checking……..

I think it was - “Yes, Byrnes !!!!!!”

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Denis Mc Mahon side 2 track 1

Remember Denis the Hat Mc Mahon great Kerry fiddler, in company of Antoin Mac Gabhann (fiddle) Mick O Connor (banjo) and Marcas O Murchu (flute) into the wee hours of the night at Willie Week and Fleadh Cheoil sessions. Heard Denis is playing mostly accordion now.

Mairtin Byrnes tracks #1 - 3 on “Youtube”…..

….a ripped recording of 4 tracks from the album. Shame it wasn’t filmed.
Tracks #1, 2, 3 and 5.

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Re: Paddy In The Smoke

A somewhat unintelligent question… but where does the name “Paddy in the Smoke” come from? I saw “The Ragged Hank of Yarn” labeled as such on some recording somewhere; is it the name thus a reference to this tune? Pardon my ignorance…

Definitely one of my all-time favorite ITM recordings.

Re: Paddy In The Smoke

“Paddy” = Irish
“The Smoke” = London

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Re: Paddy In The Smoke

“The Smoke” was the thing I was stumbling on. That’s what I get for being American…

Re: Paddy In The Smoke

In the smoke = London definitely makes sense.
I always assumed it referred to the smoke of the pub. I can only imagine that the pub was so smokey that you could hear, but barely see the musicians.