The Hills Of Glengarry

By Aonghas Grant

  1. Glengarry’s Gathering
    Glengarry’s Dirk
  2. The Souter’s Lass
    The Westcoaster
    The Mariner
  3. The Earl Of Jura
  4. Di Molaidh An Uisge Bheatha
  5. The Hills Of Glengarry
    Aonghas Grant’s Farewell To Lagavoulin
  6. Morag’s Wedding
  7. Memories Of Ardachy
    Jock’s Fiddle
  8. The Long Legged Lassie
    Aonghas Grant’s Welcome To Fochabers
  9. The Shepherd’s Crook
  10. Niel Gow’s Farewell To Whisky
  11. Heather Manson’s Wedding
    Farquhar And Hetty’s
  12. Maigdhean Na H Arigh
    Capt Campbell
    Cameron’s Got His Wife Again
    The Red Burn
  13. The Parting Glass

One comment

Aonghas Grant - The Hills of Glengarry

An excellent new recording from Aonghas Grant (also known as Angus Grant Senior, distinguished from his son of the same name who is the fiddle player with Shoogenifty, and as The Left handed Fiddler – which should be self explanatory). This recording consists of a mixtuire of traditional tunes and of his own compositions. He is supported by Ross Martin (guitar), Christine Hanson (cello), Paul Connelly, concertina, and Angus R Grant (fidlde).
I was fortunate to see Angus Grant and friends play in a small hall on the north of Skye last year. The vigour of his playing is not impaired by his age and he is an inspiration. His students, who include some of the best known fiddlers of the current generation, wear the honorific red tassle from the scroll of their fiddles
Recommended listening!