From West To East - Live Sessions

By Various Artists

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I’ve given the actual titles when I knew them for tunes that are listed on the jacket by author (eg. The Castle instead of Sean Ryan’s, Hills of Coore and Stack of Oats instead of Junior Crehan’s). Any help identifying titles of the Gan Ainm reels on track 11 or other tracks named after their composers would be appreciated.

Musicians are: Seamus and Fiachra Mongain, Mick Crehan, Don Stiffe, Mairtin O’Sullivan, Rob Stafford, Colm Naughton, Breda Keville, Noel Burke, Pat Eade, Joe Carey, Verena Commins, and John Henchy.

The recording was made in three nights at two pubs, Arus na nGael in Galway and Charlie O’Malley’s in Westport and "attempts to recreate the session."

West to East

What year was this album recorded?