My Roots Are Showing

By Natalie MacMaster

Three comments


Face it - Natalie is all talent and good looks. I fell in love with her playing after I fell in love with her.

In all seriousness, Should has an excellent Cape Breton hand and she sticks to the knitting with this CD. The CD is full of great performances but it also serves as a guideline for me. This is what Cape Breton sounds like.

Mark, take a listen at -- it’s Natalie’s Uncle Buddy, playing in a tent at the Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp. Ms. MacMaster considers Mr. MacMaster to one of her greatest influences. She once said that when she feels her playing needs a shot in the arm, she puts on one of Buddy’s recordings. 🙂


Track 10

“Ships In Full Sail” is listed as Ships are Sailing - I corrected it, so it leads to the right tune.