The Ladies From Hell

By The Black Watch

  1. Ye Jacobites By Name
    The 42nd
    The Roses O’ Prince Charlie
  2. Moving Cloud
    Karen Nuttall
    The Skye Rovers
    The Tenpenny Bit
    The Banks Of The Lee
    Devil In The Kitchen
    Helen Young
    The Hungarian Fiddler
    Blackley Of Hillside
  3. Dr. Robert Runcie M.C.
  4. The Balmoral Highlanders
    Lt. Col. D.J.S. Murray
  5. The Massacre Of Glencoe
    Glasgow City Police Pipers
    The Gold Ring
    Auckland City Police
    Maxwell’s Bonnet
  6. MacDonald’s Awa’ Tae The War
    Pipe Sgt. John Barclay
  7. The Steam Train To Mallaig
  8. The Ladies From Hell
    John MacDonald Of Glencoe
  9. The Glorious 12th
    The Devil’s Staircase
  10. The 51st Highland Division
    The Battle Of Waterloo
    The Battle Of Killiecrankie
  11. The Festival March
    Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward
  12. Daryl Boyle
    The Ness Pipers
    Maggie’s Pancakes
    The Calypso Piper
    Andy’s Lullaby
  13. The Merse Piper
    The Kilworth Hills
  14. Kelsey’s Wee
    Sandy’s New Chanter
    Lady Carmichael Of Castle Craig
    Susan MacLeod
    Sandy’s New Chanter

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The Ladies from Hell (Greentrax, 1998)

The Pipes & Drums of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch
"The Ladies from Hell"
Greentrax, 1998

I thought it would be good to post this album I just purchased, even though it’s not ITM, as a number of the reel and jig sets include songs from the ITM canon. A number of modern compositions among the more traditional, including several by Pipe Major Steven Small.