Seven Streams

By The Turloughmore Ceili Band

  1. A Nation Once Again
    Clann Na hÉireann
  2. Lady Anne Montgomery
    Maud Miller
    Molloy’s Favourite
  3. The Derry
  4. The Green Gates
    Master McDermott’s
    St. Anne’s
  5. Pearl O’Shaughnessy’s
    Gan Ainm
  6. The Lark In The Morning
    The Lilting Fisherman
  7. Miss McLeod’s
    The Silver Spear
    The Sally Gardens
  8. Seamus Cooley’s
    The Hole In The Hedge
  9. The Rights Of Man
    The Galway
    The Rights Of Man
  10. The Copperplates
    The Mountain Road
  11. The Banshee
    The Connaughtman’s Rambles
    The Battering Ram
  12. Reel Of Bogie
  13. Uncle Gerry’s
  14. Jim Mulqueeney’s
  15. Dublin
    The Bird In The Bush

Three comments

CD: "The Turloughmore Céili Band: Seven Streams"

The Turloughmore Céili Band

They were the winners of the ceilí band competition for the ‘2006 World Fleadh’ and have placed second several times in recent years at ‘The All-Ireland’, CCE… They hail from County Clare and have been together since 1999…

Joan Hanrahan ~ fiddle
Denis Liddy ~ fiddle
Bernadette Liddy ~ fiddle
Dave O’Brien ~ flute
Brid O’Gorman ~ flute
Brian Collins ~ Uilleann Pipes
Mary Liddy ~ concertina
Brian O’Dea ~ accordion
Marie Quigney ~ piano
Pat Costello ~ drums


From their website: The Seven Streams

The source of the Seven Streams is a natural feature at the base of the cliff south-east of Cahercommaun. The source is at its most attractive during wet weather. There is a cist nearby. Lon the Smith, Lon Mac Lointha was a legendary hero who had his abode on Sliabh na Glaise. He was the first to make edged weapons in Ireland and was of the Tuath de Danann and lived in a cave. He had a wonderful cow which he had stolen in Spain before he fled for safety to the Burren Hills. The black and white cow was known as Glas Gaibhneach. It was said of her that she would fill any vessel with milk. To settle a wager she was milked into a sieve. The milk passing through the bottom of the sieve fell to the ground where it divided into seven rivulets called Seacht Srotha na Taescaigh, the Seven Streams of the Overflowing.

Unfortunately for me, I haven’t yet the pleasure of their CD to listen to. It’s on the ‘want list’… I noticed this was missing from the database and having just made a link to one of their MP3s felt I should add to the credit by submitting their album as well.

Where are you Bannerman, surely you’ll have something useful to add here, even if it is just praise… 😉

~ & Kilfarboy too!!!

To get to the valley of the Seven Streams you have to walk across the limestone pavement from Cahercommaun, it’s a lovely walk on a sunny day. One of the seven springs is a holy well with a cure for diabetes. Unfortunately, as these things go, the bottom of the valley has a big rough concrete structure to gather the water and a mess of old pipes and ends of hydrodare take away from the natural beauty of the valley.

The stream goes underground a bit further away and only emerges as a waterfall from a cliff a bit further on.

So there you have it.

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