Le Soleil Est Vert

By Tri Yann

  1. Guerre, Guerre, Vente, Vent
  2. Si Mort A Mors
  3. Oliver Jack
    Elslie Marly
    Shane’s Fancy
  4. Au Jardin De Mon Pere, Les Lilas Sont Fanes
  5. Grand Bal De Kermaria-an-isquit
  6. An Heol A Zo Glaz
    Kan Ar Kann
    Dans Koz
    Kan A Heol
    Dans Nevez

Three comments

One of the best recordings of the famous folk - rock band from Britanny. Track 6 is 23 minutes long, that’s one full side of a 33rpm Vinyl 😉

‘One of the best … of’ …but perhaps not at all good, if you don’t like processed progressive de-souled folky stuff!

Anyhow, does Track 3 have more than 5 tunes to it?

0’00" Oliver Jack
0’33" Willafjord
1’07" Oliver Jack
1’24" Drumdelgie
2’27" Elslie Marly part 1? (Gmixol)
2’56" Elslie Marly part 2? (or a different tune)
3’26" same as "Elslie Marly part 1" (Cmixol)
3’41" ( short bridge )
3’47" Shane’s Fancy