Party Acadien

By Eddy Arsenault Et Famille, Anastasia DesRoches, Louise Arsenault

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Party Acadien

This is a wonderful recording of a lively Acadian, East Coast, traditional kitchen party. It features fiddle, piano, guitar, box, flute, harmonica and foot tapping. It was produced in 1995 by House Party Productions in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

Desert Island album

This is a fantastic album full of energy and a fave among most of my session pals. 5 years on it still finds it’s way onto my playlists regularly. The core musicians on the recording were the group Barachois and I was lucky enough to see them on what turned out to be their final tour. A very memorable concert.

This cd is still available from the band’s website and I encourage anyone reading this to get a copy while they are still available.

Seconded. Barachois had a really lively, footstomping stage act, as well as being superb individual musicians, and great ambassadors for their corner of the world- Prince Edward Island, Canada.

If anyone is looking for a copy of this recording, I have CDs. $20 plus shipping. Thanks for posting the album info. I also have sheet music for most of the tunes if anyone is looking for something that is not on the site.

Indeed fabulous

I’d have to second –or triple –Greg’s comments above. One great album. Encourage anyone who hasn’t heard it to contact anastasia above and get a copy. [and no she isn’t paying me to say this! 🙂 i don’t even live in PEI]