Penny Trumpets

By Garry Walsh

  1. Mrs Sampson’s Delight
    The Lady’s Cloak
  2. Flanagan’s Penny Trumpet
    The Watery Boreen
  3. Dancing With Movita
    The Rook And The Priest
    Dry Bread And Pullit
  4. Purple Lady (song)
  5. Wet The Tea
    The Minister’s Hole
    The Humours Of Lisslevane
  6. Stack The Good Leather
  7. Oileán Na NAnam (Island Of The Souls)
  8. The Sail Maker’s Wife
    Garry Walsh’s (Gan Ainm)
  9. Willie O (song)
  10. The Black Bear
    The Rocky Road
    Down The Twenties
  11. The Meadow In Bloom
    Mrs McGrady’s
    Griffith’s Floating Road

Three comments

Garry Walsh - Penny Trumpets

Nice album. Released in 2005. Garry on flute and whistle.

Based on the lack of links, I’m guessing that many of these are relatively new compositions (well, as of 2005 or before). Could be wrong.

Available here:
and iTunes.

- Maire Breatnach (fiddle/viola/vocals)
- Jim Murray (guitars/vocals)
- Cyril O’Donoghue (bouzouki/guitar)
- Colm Murphy (bodhran)

Garry Walsh - Penny Trumpets

According to the description on , the majority of these tunes have been in Garry’s family for generations, unrecorded until this album. ‘Dancing with Movita’ and ‘Purple Lady’ were both composed by Garry.

According to the review at folkworld, Garry’s influences are from Cork and Louth counties:

And the Irish times says that The Black Bear Jig is a Scottish tune, and, The Rocky Road is a variant of The Rocky Road To Dublin: