Last Orders

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Last Orders - winners of BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards, 2007

A very agreeable debut by young players who’ve been in Folkestra, the North-East England folk/trad orchestra got together by Kathryn Tickell et al.

They are: Joe O’Connor, melodeons
Matthew Jones, guitar
David Jones, fiddle
Kevin Lees, fiddle

- and are joined here by girl vocalist Maz O’Connor.

Last Orders

There are tunes from all over on this album, favourite new ones for me being the catchy Scandinavian tune Toulpagorni, the jig Martin Rattler (a good variation or original of The Cordal Jig), and The Gold Curtain, an E Minor waltz by John Neilson (I don’t know his details). Maz sings well, especially a poignant song called “The Last Of The Great Whales”.

Some influences are not hard to detect, such as that of Julian Sutton’s melodeon playing and maybe Folkestra etc. orchestration, but this lot are running with them and putting them to pretty good work.

Track 2 starts with a schottis/rhenländare, which they describe as a polka. It is the Barsebäck schottis, or rhenländare from the playing of Per Munkberg (1818-1887) of Barsebäck, Skåne.