Debbie Scott

By Debbie Scott

  1. Anne Grace Henderson
    The Chief
    Donnie Henderson’s
  2. Donald Blue
    Da Foula
  3. Magnus Hendrichson’s
  4. Bean A Ti Ar Lar
  5. Bride’s (Reel)
  6. Killer Whale
    The Trip To The Ve Skerries
  7. Cluckin’ Hen
  8. Kaela’s
  9. The March In
    The Trip
    The Sword Dance
  10. Island Boy
  11. Bouster Boy
    Brian’s Box
  12. Da Muckle Reel O’ Finnigirt
    Da Back
  13. Pionersk
    Cutty Sark
  14. Klink Hamar
  15. Fiddle
  16. The Fermentation
  17. Limerick Lasses
    The Mountain Road
  18. David’s
  19. Holy Land
    Martin Rocheford’s
  20. Cradle Hymn

Two comments

Debbie Scott

This is Debbie Scott’s first album from 1999. She is joined by John Hutchison (guitar, double bass), Willie Johnston (guitar) and Alan Clark (accordion).

This is her second Album

Sorry, let me correct the last comment. This is in fact Debbie Scott’s second album. Her first album is called The Selkies Song and was issued on Attic Records in 1985.

There is a review of this second album with some good background information on