The Selkies’ Song

By Debbie Scott

  1. The Beggar Man
    Slanty Gart
  2. Muddy Roads
  3. Naomi Jane’s
  4. Beeswing
    Eugene Stratton
  5. Cradle Hymn
    Sandy Ower Da Lee
    Minnie’s Doo
  6. New Fashioned Habit
    The Girl That Broke My Heart
  7. Cotton Patch Rag
  8. The Boys Of The Twenty Five
    Dillon Brown
  9. As I Went Down By Fiddichside
    Drowsy Maggie
  10. Kitchen Girl
    New Rigged Ship
  11. Da Hill O’ Finnigirt
    Da Burn O’ Finnigirt
  12. The Selkies’ Song
    The Spirit O’ Whiskey
  13. Lady Be Good
  14. Big Sandy River
    Katy Hill

One comment


Am I correct to guess that the title is corrupted Norwegian, meaning something like "northbound flight/plane"? How did the umlaut (instead of "y") end up there?