Where The One-eyed Man Is King

By Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

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  1. It’s All About The Rhythm Of Her Toes
  2. Fead An Iolar
  3. The Mole Man Of Hackney
  4. March Of The One-Legged Dog
  5. Siochain
  6. Braes Of Balquidder
  7. Dun So Shuil
  8. Wild Goose Chase
  9. The Bright And Shining
  10. The Old

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Where the one-eyed man is king

Lovely moody soundscape

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Note that tracks 2, 6, 7, and 10 are “traditional” tunes (especially the clan march, the Eagle’s Whistle); the others are quirky little originals from Caoimhin. Musical ideas, really, that he’s offered to us as a kind of inspirational boot off the cliff so we can start flapping our wings through the dull ether of modern junk and soaring up to space!



So what is the verdict? Self-indulgent crap or new tunes on the level of Charlie Lennon, Paddy O’Brien, Ed Reavy, Paddy Fahey? Or is that too much to ask for?

And how do you interpret the title?

Or does Mr. Ó Raghallaigh offer an interpretation?


“In the country of the blind , the one eyed man is king”.
Although I prefer “In the land of the elephant, the blind man wears the wellingtons”. 🙂

Great album!
Also: “Dun So Shuil” is incorrect, it should be Dún do Shúil.