Kids In A Candy Store

By Rick May And Gil Yslas

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"Kids in a Candy Store"

A CD whose title sums it all up pretty well
Subtitled "Irish Traditional Meets American Eclectic: Instrumental Tunes for Fiddle and Guitar" by Rick May (fiddle) And Gil Yslas.
Some may recognise Rick as a regular contributor here, a modest guy who makes no great claims for his work- but there’s some ‘sweet’ stuff here- check out the clips.

Track 14, "Instrumental", never say never

CDBaby truncated track 14—should be High Part of the Road/Joy of My Life/Do You Want Any More?/Out on the Ocean.

The word "Instrumental" was added to the subtitle in the CDBaby listing by Gil. (To me, it’s redundant.)

And I although I swore "Never again!"—if I ever do make another CD, it will be much more traditional and less "eclectic" than this one.