Radical Mestizo

By Shooglenifty

  1. She’s In The Attic
    Hey Goat
  2. Glenuig Hall
    The Wrong Box
  3. The Arms Dealer’s Daughter
    Aye Right
  4. The Nordal Rumba
  5. Carboni’s Farewell
    The Patient Man
  6. Delighted
  7. Schumann’s Leap
  8. Heading West
  9. A Fistful Of Euro
    The New Rat #6
  10. Scraping The Barrel
    Fielding’s Possum
    Take The Tunnel

One comment

Radical Mestizo

This is actually a Live recording from Jan 2005.

Sam - track 7 should read "Schumann’s Leap" - I sent you a message but ………….