By Ginger

  1. Kepplehall
  2. Concert
    Come West Along The Road
  3. Tommy Bhetty’s
    Tvä Valser Efter Johan Jacob Bruun
  4. Lilla Lasse Gar Och Grater
    Down The Broom
  5. Linus’ Night’s
    The Winding Hills
  6. Plains Of Boyle
  7. Albores
  8. Visvals Fran Oland
    West Clare
  9. The Pipe On The Hob
    The Price Of My Pig
    Wallop The Spot
  10. Eva’s Sun

Three comments

The artists:

Nils Nolte: flutes, whistles
Klaus Feketics: bouzouki, guitar, darabuka, couscous-shaker
Marcus Metz: guitar (track 9)
Richard Carter: piano
Klaus Ebling: button- and piano-accordeon
Steffen Stephan: trumpet
Mara Ladebeck: cello
Eva Giovannini: violin

BTW: There’s a hidden track, but you must find it on your own.