The Laughing Girl

By Jenna Reid

  1. Trip To Miriam’s
    Tom’s New Fiddle
    The Laughing Girl
  2. The Hams O’ Muckle Row
  3. My Home
    Happy Tom
    Madame Neruda
  4. William And Eileen Reid
  5. The Piper’s Maggot
    The Idle Road
    Flora MacDonald’s
  6. The Wild White Swan
  7. The Skye Diving
  8. Fairy Queen
    Uilleann Martin’s
    The Lenzie Lasses
    Old John’s
  9. On The Road From Glen To Carrick
    The Five Mile Chase
    Gan Ainm
  10. Niel Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
  11. Papa Stour Sword Dance
    Da Cappie Stane
    Smith O’Couster’s Fancy
    Da Bressay Light

Five comments

Such a good cd! Can’t beat that first set! Alot more of the tunes can be found on the site than listed however.

Jenna Reid - Laughing Girl

creathana - thanks - I’ve filled out the details of each set

Does anyone have a link to the music for The Skye Diving Waltz from this album? Just a great tune.