Memories Of Clare

By Bobby Gardiner

Four comments

Alternate Names

Fr. Tom’s Wager is called Michael Hynes’s in the track listing.
The hornpipe The Swan is called Paddy Kelly’s.
(It seems that Mr. Gardiner used to name most of his tunes after people, probably from whom he got them.)

Re: Memories Of Clare

Gardiner quite often plays tunes up/down a 4th, eg. a tune in A Dorian is played in E Dorian. In this case he plays The Mountain Road in G major, up a 4th compared to the usual key of D Major. In His Melodeon Mad! album, he plays lots of tunes down a 4th although there are tunes that work well in both A Dorian and E Dorian. In this case I want to mention that he plays some tunes in A Major that would normally be played up a forth in d major and same with D major/G Major.

Track 10

I listed the common titles of the tunes. On the album cover they are (wrongly) listed as The Bloom of Youth/ Lucky in Love.