Cavan’s Lilter

By Séamus Fay

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Re: Cavan’s Lilter

HOW is there no comment on this in 10 years??? This is brilliant!! Fay does a lot of jigs (it makes sense that these would be "easier" to lilt), but I really like his way with the reels. He also includes the slip jig "Whinny Hills of Leitrim" which he lilted on a group album whose English title is "Many Hands", which is how I first heard of him. Among the jigs, my favorite is probably "Pat Burke’s", although I’m biased because I’ve always liked that Galway tune. Otherwise, it’s unaccompanied singing and lilting except for bones and bodhrán, and he has a few guest lilters and singers as well, both in duets and in featured solos. There is also an 11-minute interview discussing his music.