Ar Seizh Avel (On Seven Winds)

By Kornog

  1. Gavotten Ar Menez
  2. Sir Aldingar
  3. Tonioù Bale
  4. Ronds De St. Vincent
  5. Helen Of Kirkconnel
  6. Trip To Flagstaff
  7. The Shuttle Rins
  8. Dañs Plinn
  9. Gavotten
  10. Varbishka Ratchenitza

Two comments

Ar Seizh Avel (On Seven Winds)

This is Kornog’s second album, from 1985.

The group was then composed of :
Christian Le Maître (fiddle)
Jamie Mac Mennemy (bouzouki, song)
Soïg Siberil (accoustic guitar)
Jean-Michel Veillon (flute)

LeMaître and Siberil would later be part of Celtic Fiddle Festival…

3rd album

Wrong. This is in fact their 3rd album, named after a great pub and music venue in Brittany. Their first album was simply called Kornog, (not to be confused with their last ‘Korong’) and is now very hard to find.