The Lark In The Clear Aire

By Will Millar

  1. The Lark In The Clear Aire
    My Singing Bird
  2. Slieve Gallon Braes
    The Sally Gardens
  3. Bold Fenian Men
    Hills Of Shiloh
    Ashokan Farewell
  4. Carickfergus
    Mary Of Dungloe
  5. The Lark In The Clear Aire
  6. Bonnie Kellswater
  7. Mo Mhuirnin Ban
    By The Banks Of The Bann
    Factory Girls
  8. Flower Of Sweet Straban
  9. Dark Island
    Mist Covered Mountains
    Farewell To Tarwathie

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Lark In The Clear Aire

This CD was recorded on the beautiful Saanich Inlet in British Columbia, Canada. At Melodeon Studios.

This is the first of a series of CDs produced by Will Millar and John Ellis the other CDs in the series are; Celtic Reverie, Season’s of Enchantment and Journey of the Celts. This award winning series will calm your ruffled thoughts and gently massage your troubled mind.