Folk Dance Music Of Ireland

By Johnny Powell And His Band

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  1. The Prize
  2. Scotch Mary
    The Shaskeen
  3. Green Groves Of Erin
    Four Hand
    Miss Thornton’s Dream
  4. Connemara Fancy
    Sweet Cork Of Thee I Dream
  5. Billy’s Tune & Macroom
  6. Greencastle
  7. Little Burnt Potato
    The Bandon Blarney Stone
  8. My Love Is But A Lassie
    Sweet Killaloe
  9. The Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe
    The Geese In The Bog
    Trip To The Cottage
  10. Money Musk
    If There Weren’t Any Women In The World
  11. The Colleen Bawn
    The Galway Rogue
  12. If The Rest Of The World Were Like Ireland

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Discographic info:

Copley DWL 9-605