Close To The White Bear

By Dave Swarbrick And Simon Nicol

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  1. The Young Black Cow
    Lord Inchiquin
  2. The Happy
    Madam Vanoni
  3. Close Of An Irish Day
    The Laird Of Drumblair
    Trip To Windsor
  4. Si Bheag Si Mhor
  5. Democratic Rage
    The Constitution
    President Garfield’s
  6. Close To The Wind
  7. The Dark Slender Boy
  8. Humours Of Cappa
    The Swallowtail
  9. Pittengardner’s Rant
    The Flogging
  10. Time To Ring Some Changes
  11. Fiddlestix
    Devil In The Kitchen
    The Jolly Tinker
  12. Temptation Rag
  13. Lord Haddo’s
    Lady Mary Haye’s Scotch Measure
  14. 79th’s Farewell To Gibralter
    The Atholl Highlanders
    The Devil Among The Tailors
  15. Three Drunken Maidens
  16. The Hens March To The Midden
    The Four Poster Bed
  17. The Widow Of Westmorelands Daughter
  18. The Gravel Path
    The Leighton Buzzard Shuffle

Six comments

One of my favourite albums of all time

anyone know the names of the tunes in the fiddlestix set?

also the happy in the second track is meant to be the hornpipe…not the reel.

Kevo - if you fix up the spelling of Devil AMONG the tailors (track 14), you’ll get a link to it 🙂

the tunes in the fiddlestix set used to be The Devil in the Kitchen and The Jolly Tinker.


oops. thanks.

and thanks paul. ive always wanted to know that.