Rince - The Complete Irish Dancing Set

By Various Artists

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"Celtic Souls" CD #6 ~ "RINCE: Complete Irish Dancing Set - First Steps and Beyond"

I like this crazy mix, all kinds of music, and there is some lovely flute playing to start off with track 24, aside from that damned rot called ‘reverb’ ~ AAAA!!! ~ and then the whole band has to intervene and their drummer… 😏 And then piano bashing ~ 😛 But if you can push past that… It’s a crazy CD, one of the 10, and while you might not enjoy the madness of this like I do, you’ll find something out of the 10 to make it worth your while…

"Celtic Souls" ~ I bought this boxed set or 10 CDs for a fiver, I then bought a dozen or more for other folks. It’s good fun and has some choice cuts, something for most folks.

After promoting this and spreading boxes about, I thought the least I could do was to take this particular one and chase up names for the tunes. Most now link somewhere and when I’m through they will all find a transcription. As is the case, some tunes have many names, so when you follow the link you can always choose what you know it best by… One example is "Bangor Regatta", in "Kerr’s Merry Melodies Volume 3", #221, 1880-ish… It is also known by half a dozen other names at least, including "Biddy the Boul/Bowl Wife", and probably an American bawdlerization ~ "Biddy the Bold Wife"… Already lyrics of a rude nature are coalescing in my head on their own… 😉 "The Bangor Regatta" has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

#6 of 10 CDs ~ "Celtic Souls: Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music"

10 CDs for a fiver (£5) ~ now, still, about 7 quid for the box at the cheapest…

1.) "Séamus Tansey: Traditional Irish Music" / "The Best of Séamus Tansey"

2.) Finbarr Dwyer: Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music

3.) John & James Kelly: Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (& friends)

4.) "Tara Folk: Folksongs of Ireland" ~ not on site as yet, primarily songs

5.) "Best Of Irish Ceili Music"

* 6.) "Rince: Complete Irish Dancing Set - First Steps and Beyond"
~ this entry…

7 & 8.) “Festival Of Traditional Irish Music, Volumes 1 & 2”

9.) "Cherish The Ladies: Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland & Kathleen Smyth"

10.) "Armagh Pipers’ Club: Song of the Chanter"

Flute player

"Eamonn Ceannt Ceili Band" - track 24 - had 2 flute players. That’s Vincent Broderick playing his own compositions. Other player was Dan Healy - see the reel I posted called "The Jolly Pigeon".

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Thanks Kenny, that figures, it sounded familiar despite the heavy handed reverb… The Broderick brothers are favourites of mine, great people, family included…

Fiddlers query ?

Some of the tracks on this are fiddle duets - not the Kelly brothers. Any idea who ?

I have a copy of this CD I’ll send to the first person who says they want it.

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Re: Rince: Complete Irish Dancing Set - First Steps And Beyond

Offer still holds. Well done, "ceolachan" for identifying the tune titles.

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Re: Rince: Complete Irish Dancing Set - First Steps And Beyond

It’s a pity that the mixing of the last 2 tracks is so awfull !