On Malbay’s Shore

By Michael Mahony

  1. Hills Of Clare
  2. Lasser’s Holy Well
  3. The Kilnamatra Exile
  4. The Shores Of My Native Land
  5. Hills Of Shanaway
  6. Farewell To Miltown Malbay
  7. Moreton Bay
  8. Hands Of A Priest
  9. Lovely Old Miltown
  10. Bag Of Spuds
  11. Edward On Lough Erin’s Shore
  12. Maid On The Green
    Cahersiveen Fair
    Sergeant Cahill’s
  13. Erin’s Lovely Lee
  14. O’Hare’s
    The Wise Maid
    Christmas Eve

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On Malbay’s Shore

Michael Mahony is a great singer as well as a musician and dancing teacher. He is a brother of the late musician and flute maker, Brendan McMahon who lived in Ennis. Michael is well known in Miltown Malbay and has regularly attended the Thursday night session in Cleary’s which has now run continuously for over twenty five years.

12. Maid On The Green/ Caherciveen Fair/ Sergeant Cahill’s

Does anyone knows if the following tunes are the one’s on track 12 ?

" Sergeant Cahill "
April 26th 2003 by Nutty Nessie.

" A Night At The Fair "
June 1st 2007 by gian marco

I have not heard the CD.

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