A Treasury Of Irish Music 2

By Various Artists

Added by Ramiro .

  1. John Stewart’s
    James Byrne’s
    Pretty Peg
    Miss Patterson’s Slipper
  2. The Flogging
    The Ivy Leaf
    Trim The Velvet
  3. The Ballintore
  4. Port Na bPúcaí
  5. Early Breakfast
    Scotch Mary
  6. An Fainne Oir
  7. Antigonish Polka #1
    Antigonish Polka #2
    Antigonish Polka #3
  8. An Lon Dubh
    The Blackbird
  9. Kilty Town
    McFadden’s Favourite
  10. Dulaman Na Binne Bui
    A Stor A Stor A Ghra
    The Blackhaired Lass
  11. The Fairy
    Frainc A Phoill’s
  12. Aisling Gheal
  13. Broderick’s
    The Galway Rambler
  14. The Pure Drop
  15. The Maid Behind The Bar
    Eilish Brogan
  16. Mimi And The New Generation Polka #1
    Mimi And The New Generation Polka #2
    Mimi And The New Generation Polka #3

One comment

A Treasury Of Irish Music 2

I had knowledge of this recording:
thanks to this thread:
It looked great so i bought it and the first time i played it on my PC, my cd player program searched the freedb.org database and reported that the name of the cd was “A Treasury Of Irish Music 3”. So it turned out that this “Mysterious Ireland” recording was a verbatim copy of a Gael-Linn record, and I began a search for numbers 1 and 2. Only #2 has appeared till now, and the track list is:

1) Paddy Glackin: John Steward’s - James Byrne’s - Pretty Peg - Miss Patterson’s Slipper.
2) Mary Bergin: The Flogging Reel - The Ivy Leaf - Trim the Velvet.
3) Paddy Keenan: The Ballintore Jig.
4) Tony Mac Mahon: Port na bPucai.
5) Frankie Gavin: Early Breakfast - Scotch Mary.
6) Noel Hill: An Fainne Oir.
7) Maire O’Keefe: The Antigonish Polkas.
8) Paul Brock: An Lon Dubh - The Blackbird.
9) Frankie Gavin: Kilty Town -McFadden’s Favourite.
10) Mary Bergin: Dulaman na Binne Bui - A Stor a Stor a Ghra - The Blackhaired Lass.
11) Paddy Glackin: The Fairy Jig - Frainc a Phoill’s
12) Tony Mac Mahon: Aisling Gheal
13) Sean Ryan: Broderick’s - The Galway Rambler
14) Noel Hill: The Pure Drop
15) Paddy Keenan: The Maid Behind the Bar - O’Rourke’s - Eilish Brogan
16) Eoin Duigan: Mimi & the New Generation Polkas

Now I’m looking for a cheap site to order from. I’ll post another comment when I had listened to it.