Out Of Court

By Maire Ni Chathasaigh And Chris Newman

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  1. Out Of Court
  2. The Harper’s Chair
    The Cherry Blossom
  3. Will You Meet Me Tonight On The Shore
  4. Frieze Britches
  5. Lady Gethin
  6. A Sore Point
  7. The Graf Spey
  8. Túirne Mháire
  9. The Eclipse
    The Hurricane
  10. The Old Bridge
  11. The Wild Geese
  12. The Lakes Of Champlain
  13. Stroll On

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The Harper’s Chair - The Cherry Blossom

The tune "The Cherry Blossom" on the Out of Court album is a slip jig not a polka as the link would suggest. The Cherry Blossom on the album was written by Maire Ni Chathasaigh according to the liner notes. Love the two tunes but it took forever to get them sounding right.

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