Whistle Wizardry

By Vinnie Kilduff

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Vinnie Kilduff’s "Whistle Wizardry"

The list of tunes for this recording was requested last week. This is very much an advanced "tutor" tape, with all the tunes being played singly rather than in sets. Not many musicians have made whistle recordings as good as Mary Bergin [ and none better ], but this is one of them.

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PS - I’ll try to identify the 4 un-named polkas.

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Where Find Whistle Wizardry

Can anyone direct me to a place (preferably in the US) to buy Vinnie Kilduff’s Whistle Wizardry?? I’ve tried my usual spots like Celtic Grooves, Ossian and checked Custy’s online inventory.

Where can I find a CD Version of Whistrle Wizardry

I have searched high and low for a recording of Whistle Wizardry but with no success. ( I have lost my tape version). Can anyone advise me how I can get a CD version as I can slow t the CD down on my computer in order to learn the tunes. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me on this.
Thank you
Michael Reidy

You have my sympathy, but sadly this recording was suddenly yanked off the shelves. We’d had multiple copies on order for resale and distribution, but we never heard why. I did try contacting Vinnie Kilduff at the time but never heard back from him. We sold or gave away the few we did get in and never, sadly, kept one for ourselves… Someday… 😉

Vinnie kilduff

he is the top man on the tin whistle’ but there are not many recordings of him.
however’ I am glad to say’ he is still playing’ and often turns up on music programmes on tg4.
his 1990 album’ the boys from the blue hill’ is the greatest tin whistle album ever made.
his version of lord Gordons reel has yet to be beaten.


I’ve news that there is another recording in the making…