Claddagh Ring

By The Tulla Ceili Band

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  1. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Fox Hunter
    Drowsy Maggie
  2. Lough Gowna
    The Pipe On The Hob
  3. Castle Kelly
    The Humours Of Ballyconnell
  4. Claddagh Ring
  5. The Hunt
  6. The Boys Of Ballinahinch
    Dick Gossip’s
    The Hut In The Bog
  7. The Hag’s Purse
    The Lark’s March
    The Gander In The Pratie Hole
  8. Miss McDonald
    Crooked Road To Dublin
    Sporting Nell
    Toss The Feathers
  9. Bonny Boy
  10. Down The Back Lane
    The Cat In The Corner
    Willie Coleman’s
  11. Murphy’s
    Tuamgraney Castle
  12. Jackie Coleman’s
    The Holly Bush
    Paddy Murphy’s Wife

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Claddagh Ring

EMI (Ireland) LP, STAL(I) 1002

Fiddles: P. J. Hayes, Michael Murphy
Chromatic accordion: Mattie Ryan
Piano accordion: Paddy McNamara
Piano: George Byrt
Concert Flute: J. C. Talty
Drums: Martin Garriny
Vocalist: Martin Vaughan

Title madness

The jig commonly known as Morrison’s (track 2) is listed as “Hayes’ Favourite.”
The jig commonly known as Willie Coleman’s (track 10) is listed as “Matt Molloy’s.”
The hornpipe I know as Tuamgraney Castle (track 11) is listed as “O’Brien’s.”
There are several other similarly non-conventional titles that lead to the wrong tunes, but I don’t know the other names offhand.

The jig commonly known as The Cat in the Corner (track 10) is listed as “Paddy O’Brien’s”

The Reel known as “The Holly Bush” (second reel on track 12) is listed as “O’Dwyer’s ”