By Calum Stewart

  1. Struey Vale
    Heilan’ Donald Kissed Kitty
    The Haughs O’ Cromdale
  2. Papa Stour Sword Dance
    House At The Fit O’ The Hill
    The Ewie Wi’ The Crooket Horn
    Fa’s Sae Merry’s The Miller When A’ His Pocks Are Fu’
  3. Looking At A Rainbow Through A Dirty Window
  4. The Lass O’ Glenshee
    Duke Willie
    Colonel Hay
  5. Da Cauld Nights O’ Winter
    Cota Mor Ealasaid
    The Fochabers Rant
    The Periwig
  6. Roslin Castle
  7. Tullochgorum
  8. Summer’s Saudade
  9. Three From The North
  10. Etoiles Dans La Nuit Bretonne
  11. The Beauty Of Garmouth
    The Banks Of The Deveron
    Miss Hannah Of Elgin
  12. Fading Footsteps

Eleven comments


I am note absolutely shure if I got all the sets right. Feel free to contact me for corrections. Cheers, Moritz

thanks, looks equally good!

Track listing

I think the first sets are not quite right, with the first three tunes of set 2 finding their way into the end of set 1 on your listing

Excellent record

A great record from a young Scottish flute player who will be a major force is the scene.

I’ve heard some samples, and this is an awesome album that I’ll definitely be buying… He has a few bits on his myspace page, one of them being "Looking At A Rainbow Through A Dirty Window", which is just beautiful.