In Full Swing

By Cara

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  1. Three Ravens
    Raving In The Bathroom
  2. Shamrock Hill
    Follow Me Down
    The Moving Statue
  3. Sailor Boy
  4. I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her
    Gallagher’s Frolics
    Donnybrook Fair
  5. Frida
  6. Poisoned Peas
  7. The House Carpenter
  8. Tom McElvogue’s #3
    The Flying Sofa
    Good Morning, Squirrel
    The Millbridge
  9. Please Be Peter Tonight
  10. A-again
    Music In The Glen
  11. Bustles And Bonnets
  12. And Off He Went
  13. The Kind And The Fair Maid
  14. Dennis Liddy’s
    Joe Molloy’s
    The Old Copperplate
    The Bride In The Wheelbarrow
  15. Sweet Bride

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Lovely CD+DVD set! Track 8 is only contained on the DVD. I included it as well to make everything complete.

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