Hole In One

By Ralf Weihrauch

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  1. Grian Ri
    The South Shore
  2. The Bedmaking
  3. The Turfman From Ardee
  4. Nelly, The Milkmaid
  5. They Don’t Write ’em Like That Anymore
  6. The Unfortunate Tailor
  7. The Foxhunt
  8. The Silver Wedding
  9. The Wanton Seed
  10. A Roving On A Winter’s Night
  11. The Ranter
  12. The Great Tune The World Was Waiting For

Two comments

My second Solo CD

This is my second Solo-CD. I have many guests on it, for example Dr. Ring Ding, a famous German Reggae-DJ.
Great Tune The World was waiting for was written by Gian Marco. He likes my version a lot.
Listen on my website

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I liked a lot not only your version of my tune, but the entire album.