By Oige

  1. Coughlan’s
    Old Leitrim
  2. The Flower Of Magherally-o
  3. The Clumsy Lover
    The Ships Are Sailing
    Michael Dwyer’s
    Laurel Tree
  4. P. Stands For Paddy
  5. Wissahickon Drive
    Mother’s Delight
  6. The Ashplant
    Red-Haired Lass
  7. Green Grasses Grow Bonnie
  8. Miss McGuinness
    Swallow Tail
  9. The Weaver
  10. The Mountain Road
    The Concertina
  11. Bushes And Briars

Three comments

Recorded at :
Glasgow 15/Aug/1993
Perthshire 14/Aug/1993

Label : Lochshore
Number : CDLDL1225

Released : 1994

Re: Live

1 Dunga (Jigs): Coughlan’s Jig / Castlebar Jig / Old Leitrim
2 The Flower Of Magherally
3 The Clumsy Lover: The Clumsy Lover / Ships Are Sailing / Michael Dwyers Reels / Laurel Tree
4 P. Stands For Paddy
5 Liz Carrol’s (Reels): Boys Of The Lough (In ‘D’) / Boys Of The Lough (In ‘A’) / Mothers Delight
6 Girls Put The Fags Out: Ashplant / Red Haired Lass
7 Green Grasses Grow Bonnie
8 Slow Boat To China (Reels): Miss McGuinness / Swallow Tail
9 The Weaver
10 The Mountain Road (Reels): The Mountain Road / Concertina Reel
11 Bushes And Briars

Re: Live

Track 5 doesn’t have "The Boys Of The Lough" in it at all. "Liz Carroll’s" is "Wissahickon Drive", played in 2 different keys.
Track #9 is more commonly known as "The Shuttle Rins".

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