Ceol Agus Foinn : Music And Songs From The Willie Clancy Summer School

By Various Artists

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  1. Tom Ward’s Downfall
    Reel Of Mullinavat
  2. Christy Barry’s
  3. The Old Bush
    Corney Is Coming
  4. Boys Of Bar Na Sraide
  5. Sporting Paddy
    Milliner’s Daughter
    Mills Are Grinding
  6. O’Donnell’s March
    Paddy Clancy’s
    Flowers Of Red Hill
  7. Slieve Russell
    Drink Of Water
  8. Ta Bo Agam Ar An Sliabh
  9. Job Of Journeywork
  10. Saint Ruth’s Bush
    Limestone Rock
  11. Willie Coleman’s
  12. Copperplate
  13. Donal Og
  14. Gardiner’s Favourite
    The Wheels Of The World
  15. Slan Le Maighe
  16. Boy On The Hilltop
    Johnny Gone To Ceili
  17. Jackson’s
  18. Mug Of Brown Ale
  19. John Peyton
    Johnny Gone To Ceili
    Gossan That Beat His Father
    Long Slender Sally
  20. Devanney’s Goat
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
  21. Rakish Paddy
  22. Ravelled Hank Of Yarn
    Coast Of Austria
  23. Strike The Gay Harp
  24. Caislean Ui Neill
  25. Oak Tree
  26. Haughs Of Cromdale
  27. The Bogs Of Sheanaheever
  28. MissWallace
  29. Scully Casey’s
    Bobby Casey’s
  30. Amhran Na Leabhar
    The Mountain Road
  31. An Suisin BAn
  32. The Lay Of The Black Dog
  33. Bunch Of Keys
  34. Flowers Of Antrim
    The Humours Of Tulla
    Cuiga Lasses
  35. Bean An Ticeara
  36. Caisleann An Oir
  37. Dark Loch NgCoar
    Bimis Ag Ol
  38. Wild Strawberry Hill
    Horse’s Tail
  39. The Concertina
  40. Six MIle Bridge
    Tom Billy’s

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Ceol agaus Foinn : CD with music from 30 years Willie Week

A selection by Raidio na Gaeltachta fro m30 years of the Willeis. WOnderfully produced, includes PJ Crotty, Sean Talty, Gerry Commane, Francie McPeake, Larry Kinsella, Junior Crehan and Bobby Casey, Joe Ryan, Paddy Canny, P Joe Hayes and Francie Donnellan, Leo Rickard, Brid O Donohue, Jimmy O Brien-Moran, Nial Keegan,Sean Ryan, Katheleen Smith and Edel McWeeney,Bill McNamara, John McEvoy, Jimmy O Ceannabhain, Vincent Campbell, Eamonn McGivnet & John Joe TuttleTony Crehan, Gerdy Commane, Peter Vrowne , Micho Russell, Gussie Russell, Zoe Conway and more.

Great stuff. Will be on iTunes I am told.

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For godsake, look at the typos. Too early in the morning.

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OK, I have listened to the CDs a few times more, while I have copied the tune titles mostly as given on the cover, a few are not quite right, sets of two named as one and a few that are different altogether (Miss Monaghan being played instead of Devanney’s Goat and the one after was a different one too) and the onbvious half remembered ones (Didtherumdoda? after Seamus Ennis’ story to accompany ‘Anything for John Joe?’) and the just slightly different (Johnny’s gone to the Ceili).

Recommended anyhow, was launched in Spanish Point on 7 march, will see another launch in Galway on April 18, will also become available on iTunes, as was said at the launch.

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Agenda at play??

Got this as late Christmas present. Nice stuff but I was quite struck by the fact that there is no recording with accordions!!

Plenty of fiddle and I think 7-8 tracks of concertina..

There are some bloody good box players down in Miltown each summer - the box recital has great players & music and is usually packed with punters. So why no accordion? Do I detect an agenda….. if so, that’s ridiculous!

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