By Les Frères Brunet

  1. Magie
  2. Bouchard Et Lizotte
  3. La Fille A Jos Rochon
  4. Terre A Terre
  5. L’Irlandaise
  6. Le Reve
  7. Suite Du Plateau
  8. De Saint-Paul A Terrebonne
  9. Reel Des Sorcières
  10. Isabelle - Isabeau
  11. Hommage A La Joie
  12. Queue De Lapin
  13. Vive L’amourette

One comment

My partner found this gem…

…while digging through her CD collection. She’s a contradance junkie who picked up this early Andre/Rejean Brunet recording when they were touring New England playing contradances. I’ll be attending the Violon Trad Quebec camp in Rawdon this summer ( and Andre Brunet will be one of the instructors there. Very excited. Anyway, it’s great to find this early recording of Andre and Rejean.