Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 11

By Matt Cunningham

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“Matt Cunningham: Dance Music Of Ireland: Volume 11”

I had been holding out on submitting the last few of the Matt Cunningham recordings of dance music, volumes 11 - 14, wanting to secure names for all the tracks. Slainte / Hiro was given this recording as a gift and asked to test his skill at finging the names. He didn’t do too bad, managing 24. I’d found some others, and much currently tagged as gan ainm are very familiar. I’ll keep looking and if I can’t find them on site here I’ll find them elsewhere and will little by little edit out as many more of these gan ainms as possible… 😉

I was actually going to post this later on today. I was just researching my own ‘gan ainms’ at the moment but to no avail.

Tk. 2 The Steeplechase
Tk. 3 The Doon / Tommy Peoples
Tk 7 First slide is Seamus Creagh’s
Tk 8 Second one is Scattery Island
Tk 22 First one is The Silver Vale (Lad O’Beirne’s Jig)

“Matt Cunningham: Dance Music Of Ireland: Volume 11” ~ The dances

Track 1 - 5: The Williamstown Set, 5 figures ~ County Galway

Track 6 - 10: The Ballyvourney Jig Set, 5 figures ~ County Cork

Track 11 - 15: The Killyon Set, 5 figures ~ County Offaly

Track 16 - 20: Seit Doire Cholmcille Set, 5 figures ~ choreographed by Frank Roddy, Derry

Track 21 - 23: The Ballinascarthy (Half) Set, 3 figures ~ County Cork

Track 24 - 27: The Kildownet (Half) Set, 4 figures ~ County Mayo

Track 28: The Cork Reeks

Track 7: ~ 2 slides, not just the one 😏

Sorry, being extra careful I didn’t realize I’d cut-and-pasted and missed the second tune… Here is the pair ~

a.) “Teahan’s Favourite”
Key signature: E Dorian
Submitted on March 7th 2004 by turophile.

b.) “Paddy Cronin’s”
Key signature: Dmajor
Submitted on March 20th 2008 by ceolachan.

I have since learned of advances on site here, that I can now correct my previous oversights and have added the missing tune in the set, “Paddy Cronin’s”. Great improvement Jeremy, thanks for making it possible to correct oversights, missed tunes…