Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 12

By Matt Cunningham

Four comments

Matt Cunningham’s 12th Volume

This is the 12th volume in Matt Cunningham’s collection of dance music. The track listing only provides the type of dance which each set is meant for, so the tunes names are purely what I know and what other members have helped me identify.

The Dances

Track 1-6: The Borlin Jenny Set (Figs 1-6)

Track 7-12: Limerick Orange and Green Set (Figs 1-6)

Track 13-14: Inis Meain Set (Figs 1 and 2)

Track 15-21: Mayo Lancers (Figs 1-7)

Track 22-27: West Kerry Set (Figs 1-6)

Track 28-33: Glencorrib Set (Figs 1-6)

Track 34: The Peeler and the Goat

Nice one Paddy, glad to see you did it, much appreciated… 13 & 14 will follow… 😉