Celtic Fire

By John Whelan

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One of John Whelan’s "recording with young American players" cd’s (along with Celtic Roots).

John Whelan - button accordion
Paddy League - percussion
Eliot Grasso - uillean pipes, tin whistle, low whistle
Patrick Mangan - fiddle
Jim Eagan - fiddle
Aran Olwell - flute, whistle
Flynn Cohen - guitar

Some excellent music here.



I don’t have this recording at hand now, but I remember the first tune on track 4 is actually "Larry Bedican’s": https://thesession.org/tunes/613 I guess it comes from Chiefrtains’ album.

Some of the best chunes on this album are not on the site.

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Certainly some unknown titles there. Maybe you could post them ??

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I haven’t heard the album but could "The Bucks of Arranmore" be something that we are more familiar with, Zina? 🙂

I used to own this recording, and it wasn’t too bad in spite of the silly title. The very first tune is, of course, Michael G’s favourite.

The link attached to the Paddy Fahey tune is incorrect. It is not the Ddor version.

This is the correct ABC for the Paddy Fahey tune on this CD
X: 1
T: Paddy Fahey’s
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
cdec dBAG | FD~D2 FAGE | FDFA GECE |
FD~D2 FGAd |1 cdec d2AG :|2 cdec d3e ||
fdec AddB | =cAGE =CDEg | fdec dcAG | Addc d2de |
fdec AddB | =cAGE =CDEG | FD~D2 FGAd | cdec d3g |
gdec AddB | =cAGE =CDEg | fdec dcAG | Addc defg |
afge fded | =cAGE =CDEG | FD~D2 FGAd | cdec d3d |