A Man Apart

By Sean McGuire

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  1. The Mooncoin
    The Sally Gardens
  2. Seg’s
    Alister Frazer’s
  3. The Knights Of St.Patrick
    The Killimor
  4. The Wise Maid
    Geehan’s Favourite
  5. Devenney’s
    Robin On The Branch
  6. The Flowers Of Antrim
    The Galway
  7. Townsend’s Rocking Chair
    Cherish The Ladies
  8. My Brother Jim
    Stella Maguire’s
  9. King’s Fancy
    Sweet Biddy Daly
  10. The Kilkenny Races
  11. Killabeg House
    The Steeplechase
    The First Month Of Summer
  12. The Black Rogue
  13. The Donegal
    The Sligo Maid
    The White Leaf
  14. Lad O’Beirne’s
    Willie Hunter’s
  15. Brennan’s Favourite
    Hinchey’s Delight
  16. Faral O’Gara
    Miss Monaghan
    The Silver Spire
  17. The Sand Dance
    Bonnie Kate
    The Reconciliation
    The Mason’s Apron

Two comments

Sean Maguie`s final recording

Released to commemorate the third anniversary of Sean`s death tomorrow(24th March).Sean recorded this the summer before he died. Five of these sets of tunes are re-recordings of what he regarded as his best album from 1960-Musicof Ireland.Go raibh sé I measc na n-aingil ceolmhar!

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Furthur details

I should have mentioned that the other musicians on this album are Wilcil McDowell on Piano,bass and Accordion and Sean O`Driscoll on banjo It was recorded for Emerald music and is available on Emeraldmusiconline.com

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