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the one and only one, it’s amazing that it wasn’t listed yet. If there is only one ITM record to possess that’s the one. For many of us it all started with this record.

1975 The First

I’m amazed as well -I took it as read that it would be one of the first posts -am I the only person that has it on Vinyl, Tape and CD?!!

Bothy Band

I just got the CD, hadn’t heard this album before. From the first chords in Kesh, the impression is of awesome power, truly a collaboration of (some of) the world’s most powerful musicians.

The first 30 seconds says it all……

This recording rocked the foundations all right - from the opening rhythm preceding the Kesh, one is temporarily unsure if the correct track has been selected, then all hell (gradually) breaks loose.

As a statement of intent, the first track says it all, in fact the first 30 seconds if you’re in a hurry.

The first 30 seconds says it all……couldn’t agree more!!

I first heard this on cassette in 1978 or so, the opening rhythm is such a statement of intent as it’s so rocky. Before this I was into rock music exclusively and didn’t really entertain trad. This album changed all that, a heady mix of virtuoso pipes, fiddle an flute underpinned by an equal number of accompanists who kicked ass as well as many heavy metal bands of the day!

At time of writing this album is over 30 years old but still manages to hit the spot. I don’t believe that any trad band has surpassed the quality of this debut, though many have openly plagiarised the ideas.

Just heard this on vinyl

Full volume….wow

A real shock, a true revelation!

As a neophite, I started playin ITM two years ago, inspired by Lùnasa…then I gradually ran the path backwards…first time I pressed play on this album, its very start was a real shock for me…just like first time I listened to Sgt.Pepper’s…Jimi Hendrix, or Jaco Pastorius’ debut lp!
IMHO no one ever reached the same "momentum"; when I watch their live performance at the Embankment, well, they really seem to levitate!

Strange that the lineup notes here don’t mention Tommy Peoples, whose playing did so much to energise this recording.

Re: 1975 The First

Erased a comment I just made … was listening to the wrong track!