Johnny Doherty

By Johnny Doherty

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  1. Highland Schottische
  2. Trim The Velvet
  3. The Four Posts Of The Bed
  4. Baile Na Finne
  5. Gusty’s Frolics
  6. The Fantastic
  7. Tuam Na Farraige
  8. Rakish Paddy
  9. Miss Ramsey
  10. The King Of The Pipers
  11. The Glen Road To Carrick
  12. The Repeal Of The Union
    The College Groves
  13. An Old Donegal
  14. Bonny Kate
  15. The Lancers
  16. Miss Monaghan

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Issued in 1974 by CCÉ as LP CL 10, this was also available for some years as a cassette but has never been reissued in CD format.

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I have repeatedly tried to give track 13 its full title of ‘An Old Donegal Mazurka’, but the editing process simply won’t allow me to do so.

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I have some notion that Bannerman has put up all these tracks as MP3s online… I’ll ask him, and then maybe we can have the link added here. I’m surprised this isn’t already here, but I am often surprised that way…