Culann’s Hounds

By Culann’s Hounds

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Culann’s Hounds self-titled first album

Some rockin’ Irish trad!
San Francisco should be proud.

A damn good tradrock band.

Word to tradaholics -- these guys are players, not poseurs. Don’t let the west-coast hipster fashion sense fool ya. They take common and not-so common session tunes and play them like rock, yes, but you can hear they’ve been playing the tunes. (I know, ’cuz I’ve sessioned with these guys.) That comes through the rock arrangements loud and clear. Fun stuff.

This is a style that goes back 40 yrs now to Fairport Convention & Steeley Span, Horslips, down through the Pougues and such.

(Arguably, this s nicheBut of all the American bands playing this sort of stuff, nobody’s a better bunch of *players*

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Yes, us Steeley Span and Pouges fans are absolutely not waiting to hear them! Jayz, if you’re going to post information, check your spelling!

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Is there a Ballinasloe Fair jig too?

I learned a jig a while but I don’t have a name for it. I was listening to Pandora and the Culann’s Hounds came on and the second jig they played was titled “Ballinasloe Fair” ( It’s on track 7. I’m not able to find a recording of this track anywhere that’s easily accessible.