Celtic Groove Brand

By The Sevens

  1. Run Sister Run
  2. Tansey’s Favorite
    Road To Cashel
    The Curlew
  3. Ballydesmond Polkas
  4. Miss Otis Regrets
  5. Christy Barry’s
    The Shores Of Austria
    Crock Of Gold
  6. I Truly Understand
  7. Forlorn Queen
  8. Carpenter’s Helper
    The Palisades
  9. Redigan’s
    Dark Hollow
  10. Valley Girl
  11. Trip To Herve’s
    Galway Rambler
    House On The Hill

One comment

Danceable music moves smoothly between Celtic, groove and old time.

From the album sleeve:

"Giving modern resonance to traditional music ain’t easy, historic tones have a tendency to stay historic. But a combination of scope and attitude helps the best contemporary bands wax fresh, and on its debut, The Sevens show its versatility through sharp tunes and judicious arrangements. Chops are no problem for these guys, but ultimately it’s a down home feel that floats through the program. Music is either cozy, or it’s not. The Sevens make a point of throwing its arm over your shoulder and inviting you to spend the night." - Jim MacNie.

Hard to find, even with Google. Try efolkmusic.org