No Trouble At All

By Noel Lenaghan

  1. The Three Sea Captains
  2. Like The Ancient Mariner
  3. The Flatbush
    The Ashplant
  4. Lula Wall
  5. She Showed Me The Ropes
  6. Martin Wynne’s
    The Milliner’s Daughter
  7. My Lagan Love
  8. The Sporting Pitchfork
    Old Tipperary
  9. There She Was Gone
  10. Neansai Mhile Gra
  11. Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin
    Ships In Full Sail
  12. Ye Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
  13. A Fig For A Kiss
    The Slopes Of Slieve Gullion
  14. The Pride Of The Springfields Road

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Noel Lenaghan "No trouble at all"

Noel Lenaghan: vocals, flute, madolin, tin whistles
Fergus Feely: mandola
Eugene Kelly: keyboards
Verena Commins: box
Grahan Dunne: guitar
Ruth Dillon: harmony vocals
Cormac Dunne: percussion
Toshi Motooka: bodhran
Alan McCarthey: guitar

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