By Brolum

  1. Drowsy Maggie
    Trip To Windsor
  2. Si
  3. Am Muileann Dubh
    Chuirinn Air A’ Phiob E
  4. Traveller
  5. Snug In A Blanket
    Scarce O’ Tatties
    Crabbit Shona
  6. An Ataireachd Ard
  7. She Shines Gold
  8. Paul McGrattan’s
  9. Quiraing
  10. Ile De Groix
    Rory McLeod
    In And Out The Harbour
  11. Clann Ulaidh

Four comments


As far as i know this is the only album this band released and i believe the band is no longer together. It is however a good album with some nice tunes. My personal favourite is the Northside Reel on track 8.

Eilidh Campbell (fiddle, viola), Julie Fowlis (whistles, vocals), Duncan Lyall (double bass), Martin O’Neill (bodhrán, percussion), Toni Russell (clarsach), Andrew Webster (guitar) and Sarah Wilson (fiddle). With Jenny Horne (cello).

Trip to WinDsor ????

They also released "The Fair Face I Never Saw" afterwards, which I might as well add just now!