By Joseph Sobol

Three comments


This is a very unusual album by Joseph Sobol. It’s a cittern album and it very good too! There is a great mix of tunes. From reels and jigs to hornpipes, planxtys, airs and barndances.

Those of you who are not usually exposed to mandolas, octave mandolins, citterns and bouzoukis as melody instrument may be in for an interesting surprise. Those who, like myself, are endlessly changing tunings for accompaniment and melody on mandolas etc should buy this for a point in the right direction.

Sobol changes his tunings quite frequently and capos up as far as fret 12 at one point!

The guest lineup is great too: John Williams, Larry Nugent, Paddy League and Brendan McKinney (Pipes).

Re: Citternalia

Some fine music on this CD, but for me, Larry Nugent steals the show on tracks #2 and#6 - outstanding playing.